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February 2022
Dixon Social Interactive Services
Company Newsletter

Mental Health Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is right around the corner and with that comes spring cleaning. We spring clean our homes each year to feel refreshed and less cluttered, so why not apply that same process to our brains? According to an article from Touchstone Mental Health, there are ways to reduce anxiety and stress by decluttering your mind. These include practicing mindfulness, moving your body, and finding gratitude. Mindfulness is shown to help lower stress levels, increase the ability to relax, and can even help improve self-esteem. Similarly, exercise can be used to help lower anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as to increase cognitive functioning. Studies on gratitude have shown that those who regularly express it tend to have lower stress rates, fewer depression symptoms, and are more optimistic than those who do not practice it. No matter your reasoning for wanting to declutter your mental health, be sure to get a jump start using one of the tips above.

Touchstone Mental Health. (n.d.). Spring cleaning for your mind. Inside Touchstone.

In this Issue :

Mental Health Spring Cleaning Tips

Meet the Interns

Celebrating Black Pioneers in Mental Health


Bebe Moore Campbell was a teacher, author, and journalist. Throughout her life she worked as a mental health advocate to showcase the mental health needs of Black communities, as well as other underrepresented communities. In addition to her advocacy work, Bebe founded NAMI-Inglewood in order to give Black individuals in Inglewood a safe space to express mental health concerns. In 2008, Congress formally recognized July as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Health Awareness Month.

Dr. Joseph L. White is often referred to as the "father of Black psychology". Dr. White spent his career advocating for the creation of Black psychology, based on the argument that applying white psychology to Black people often unfairly created that illusion of Black inferiority when ultimately it was a reflection of the culturally irrelevant psychological principles being applied. He wrote "Toward a Black Psychology" which was one of the first strengthsbased evaluations and descriptions of Black behavior and culture

Joseph L. White.jpg

Jacki McKinney was a social worker who specialized in issues affecting African American women and their children. McKinney, a survivor of trauma, addiction, homelessness, and the psychiatric and criminal justice systems, found her passion in family advocacy. She was a founding member of the National People of Color Consumer/Survivor Network and was awarded the highest honor given by Mental Health America, the Clifford W. Beers Award.

Mental Health America. (n.d.). Black pioneers in mental health. Mental Health America.

Services Offered

Dixon Social Interactive Services offers a wide variety of different services to assist the needs of the diverse communities we serve.

Adult Services:

  • Outpatient Services:

    • Motivational Interviewing

      • Transactional Analysis

    • Personality Disorders

    • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    • Reaction Emotive Therapy

    • Music Therapy

    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

    • Medication Management

  • Group Therapy

    • Peer Support Services

    • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Treatment (SAIOP)

    • Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment (SACOT)

    • Sex Offender Group Treatment

    • Community Support Team

Child & Family Services:

  • Day Treatment Services

  • Alcohol & Drug Prevention Services

  • Intensive In-home Services

  • Positive Parenting Program

    • (Triple-P)

  • Meditation Management Services

  • Outpatient Services:

    • Play Therapy

    • Art Therapy

    • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

    • Bullying

    • Child & Family Integrated Therapy

  • We also offer a wide array of psychological assessments & couples therapy. For a complete list, please visit our website.

Meet the Interns


Aidan Schutter

Aidan began interning for Dixon Social Interactive Services in March 2021. She is from Silex, Missouri. Aidan will be graduating from the University of Denver with a Master of Social Work in August 2022. Her favorite part of interning at DSIS is learning new ways to help clients from the macro perspective.


Madeline Farrior

Maddie began interning for Dixon Social Interactive Services in August 2021. She is from Apex, North Carolina. She'll be graduating from Eastern Carolina University in May 2022 with a Master of Social Work. Her favorite thing about DSIS is the staff's commitment to Improving the lives of their members.



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